Mike Majlak Denies Kissing Ex-girlfriend Lana Rhoades

I don’t know about you guys, but I was literally devastated when I heard about Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak’s breakup. It happened last year when Mike posted a video on his YouTube channel with the title “we broke up“. The video shocked many fans as Mike’s chemistry with Lana was simply off the charts. But everything which we see on social media is sometimes not real. The couple had many ups and downs in their relationship. Apart from that, Mike has serious commitment issues and he doesn’t see himself settling down with someone anytime soon. So, he broke up with Lana last year in October. But then two weeks later, Mike apologized to Lana and said that he acted like an immature person. And when a follower asked him how much money he earned from the break-up video in a tweet. Mike made a shocking reply and said $13,535.

Anyways, long story short, we all know that Mike has a history of not staying persistent. He and Lana later broke up in February 2021. And the next thing we know is Lana appearing in the BFFs podcast and saying that she is having a huge crush on an NBA football player. A couple of weeks later, she made her pregnancy news official. Which got everyone confused as hell because Mike and Lana were satisfying each other’s needs even after their final breakup.

And almost all of their fans thought that Mike is the father of Lana’s baby, which he isn’t. But one thing is for sure, Mike has grown out to be a bigger and better person after his relationship ended with Lana. He not only took Lana’s side when people were bullying her online for wanting to have her own family. But he also made sure to be there for her whenever she needed him as a friend.

Lana Rhoades Isn’t Happy With Mike Majlak For Turning Down Her Kiss

Recently, Mike helped Lana with her sudden move to Chicago. He even recorded the whole thing and posted it on his YouTube channel. And the title of the Vlog is super duper confusing, “I Moved In With My Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend | The Night Shift“. Mike being Mike couldn’t stop himself from saying something funny. So, he started the Vlog with what Lana said while she was on a call with him explaining her sudden moving plans:

“Hey Mike, I just bought a house in Chicago. Next week I’m gonna move my pregnant self, the three ducks & the two dogs on a five-day driving adventure across the united states. I am gonna do it all alone.”

I just can’t stop laughing. The way Mike pretends to be Lana is over the charts. Anyways, now you all must be wondering why Lana made a sudden plan to move to Chicago from L.A. Oh well!! Mike was thinking the same. And when he asked Lana why she’s planning to move to Chicago. She says, “I wanted to get away from you“. But then she changes her answer when Mike asks her to be serious for once.

“Because I am having a baby and my family lives there.”

Lana further mentioned in the vlog that she is getting all of her tattoos removed. And Mike wasn’t really happy to hear this news. She also shared that Mike is the sweetest ex-boyfriend.

“Mike got me the biggest fluffiest air mattress to sleep on tonight and made my bed for me. He is the sweetest ex-boyfriend in the entire world.”

And when Mike was about to leave for L.A, Lana asks him for a kiss, which he clearly denies. He further shared at the end of the vlog that he has a very weird relationship with Lana.

Mike Majlak shares some beautiful words at the end of the Vlog

Umm!! I don’t know about you guys but I think this is one of the best Vlogs that I have watched so far. And what Mike said at the end really touched mine and many broken hearts out there.

“All I want to say is this, if you can still be friends with someone, that you at one point cared about. Unless it dramatically deteriorates or pulls away from your life. The idea of being friends with someone that you once had a romantic relationship with might be okay.

And especially in situations where those people don’t have a lot of friends. Or don’t have anyone to rely on. It might be in situations where their lives are, you know, uncertain or weird. So I don’t know. Take what you can take from this episode, whatever you think you want to.”

Last but not the least, the baby daddy thing is still a mystery. Let us know in the comments down below if you have watched the Vlog or not.

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