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Tana Mongeau’s friend reveals ex-boyfriend Chris Miles is broke

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Only a couple of days ago, Tana Mongeau vowed to never talk about her relationships in public. However, she could not hold on to her promise. Recently, Mongeau and her friends talked to a reporter on a night out. After the reporter asked her about Chris Miles, she and her friends revealed that he is broke. Last week, the couple broke up and called each other out on social media. Earlier this week, there was more drama when the Cancelled host accused Miles of cheating on her.

After the drama that ensued last week, Tana Mongeau and Chris Miles officially broke up

Tana Mongeau Reveals Ex-Boyfriend Chris Miles Is Broke

Since the beginning of their relationship in July, Tana Mongeau and Miles have kept people on the edge of their seats. After just a few hours of confirming their relationship, news of their breakup came out. However, the couple made up quickly. Throughout the three months that they were together, Tana Mongeau and Chris Miles broke up several times. However, last week things ended in a dramatic way. Initially, Mongeau accused Miles of cheating on her and breaking her heart. After posting several videos and stories on all of her social media accounts, she and Miles patched things up. Only a few days later, Miles posted that he is single. In response to that, Tana called him out and said that he never loved her.

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Few days later, she publicly declared to never talk about her private life on social media

After the very public breakup, Tana Mongeau decided to keep the details to herself. In a TikTok video, she declared to keep her matter private and act mature. Tana Mongeau said:

Everyone keeps asking what happened with Chris. I’m going to refrain for once from airing the details because that is not the cutest. However, I hope we remain amazing friends. Yeah, I can’t keep getting toxic online, that is the bottom line.

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As expected, Tana Mongeau is back on track and revealing inside details

After her breakup, Tana Mongeau stayed silent for a couple of days. However, she and her shared some interesting news about Chris Miles. Recently, Tana Mongeau and friends were seen out and about. When a paparazzi reporter asked her if she will be dating someone soon, she instantly said no. At the same time, her friend declared that he will not let her date anyone now. Similarly, her friend shouted that Chris Miles is broke. After that, the reporter asked her if Tana Mongeau talked to Miles. To which, she replied:

I just want to be good friends with him.

Once again, her friend yelled that Miles is broke. Although Mongeau kept telling them to stop, they did not. In a TikTok video, she reacted to the interview and pretended to be embarrassed. So far, Miles has not responded or commented to it.

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