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Ruby Rose explains why she left ‘Batwoman’ set, explaining the horrifying conditions

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Last year, people were quite shocked to see Ruby Rose quit from CW’s Batwoman, despite the success of season 2. However, now she has finally broken her silence on the matter. The Batwoman actress has revealed that she left the set because of horrifying working conditions and a toxic workplace environment. And the details she has revealed are quite concerning and have really stirred Warner Bros. up.

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Ruby Rose reveals the toxic workplace conditions at the CW Batwoman set

Ruby Rose Explains Why She Left 'Batwoman' Set, Explaining The Horrifying Conditions

In a series of Instagram stories, Ruby Rose leveled serious allegations against Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries, her former co-star Dougray Scott, and former Warner Bros. TV Chairman Peter Roth. She started off by saying:

Enough is enough. I’m going to tell the whole world what really happened on that set.

Ruby Rose alleged that Dries barely visited the Batwoman set three or four times a year and rushed its production to finish filming season 2 before the first COVID-19 lockdown. That was despite the fact that other Vancouver-based shows had been shut down by Warner Bros. already. Furthermore, Rose also accused her co-worker Dougray Scott of “unprofessional” behavior. She alleged that Scott injured a female stunt double, “left when he wanted and arrived when he wanted,” and “abused women.” This kind of behavior, according to Rose, got worse by the end of the second season. She contacted the administration over Scott’s behavior as well but didn’t receive a response.

Lastly, Ruby Rose accused Peter Roth of inappropriate behavior. She said he would make women steam his pants while he was wearing them. He even went to the extent of hiring a private investigator to follow her and know of her whereabouts. And when the investigator couldn’t find anything that would satisfy him, he fired them. Roth stepped down from his post as Warner Bros. TV chairman after 22 years of leading the company.

Ruby Rose also reveals injuries sustained on set that were forcibly hidden

Moreover, Ruby Rose made further claims other than misconduct, harassment, and unprofessionalism. She also revealed the many injuries that she witnessed herself. She witnessed a crew member who received 3rd-degree burns and a PA Amanda Smith who was left a paraplegic. Smith’s injury got a lot of coverage in the media, which resulted in raised funds for her recovery.

Ruby Rose then further revealed the injuries that she sustained while working on Batwoman. She got a neck injury while performing a stunt as Batwoman and spent time at a hospital. And the showrunners forced her to return merely 10 days after the surgery, which is the reason why she was stiff on the set of Batwoman. Roth threatened the entire crew, saying  “the whole cast and crew would be fired” if she didn’t return on “his set”.

Furthermore, Ruby Rose made another revelation of the toxic workplace environment, saying they told her to “cover your scar, we don’t want to see that scar” at the San Diego Comic-Con. That is why she shared her surgery video to reveal her ordeal to the people. Below are screenshots of Rose’s story

Ruby Rose Explains Why She Left 'Batwoman' Set, Explaining The Horrifying Conditions
Ruby Rose’s Instagram stories

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Warner Bros. responds to the allegations

In response, on the 20th of October, Warner Bros. Television Group responded to Ruby Rose’s toxic workplace, misconduct, and harassment allegations in a statement. They said:

Despite the revisionist history that Ruby Rose is now sharing online aimed at the producers, the cast and crew, the network, and the Studio, the truth is that Warner Bros. Television had decided not to exercise its option to engage Ruby for season two of Batwoman based on multiple complaints about workplace behavior that were extensively reviewed and handled privately out of respect for all concerned.

Furthermore, Dougray Scott also issued a statement on the matter, saying:

I absolutely and completely refute the defamatory and damaging claims made against me by (Ruby Rose); they are entirely made up and never happened.

This, however, is not the first time that someone has accused a WarnerMedia TV show of having a toxic workplace environment. Last year, The Ellen DeGeneres Show was hit with such allegations where multiple employees came forward with their stories. It shed light on not just Warner Bros. but on long-time host Ellen DeGeneres as well. Since then, the ratings of her show have dipped and WarnerMedia has announced that the show will be ending in 2022. For now, there has been no news of an ivestigation.

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