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Tana Mongeau says she’ll stop talking about her relationships online

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Only yesterday, Tana Mongeau and her ex-boyfriend, Chris Miles were calling each other out on social media. However, the Cancelled host is deciding to stop talking about her relationships in public. Last week, Mongeau and Miles went on social media rants. While YouTuber accused him of cheating, he claimed she acted weird because she was drunk. Although many believed they have made up, they have broken up for good. Now she has decided to not talk about her breakup and keep the details hidden.

In the past, Mongeau has always kept her relationships public

Whether it was her marriage to Jake Paul or her open relationship with Bella Thorne, Tana Mongeau did it all in the public eye. When she dated Paul, they made YouTube videos together and never hid any details of their relationship. Many times, they also posted inappropriate things on social media. When they deiced to tie the knot, the couple made sure their followers get to watch every step. If they wished to follow the wedding, they could pay to watch it live. At the same time, Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne’s dating life was always discussed on Instagram and Twitter. When they broke up, both took to Twitter to announce the news.

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Similarly, Tana Mongeau and Chris Miles showcased their toxic relationship on social media

From the beginning, it was clear that they both like drama. In July, Tana Mongeau posted on social media that she has a new boyfriend. The boyfriend turned out to be the rapper, Chris Miles. However, only hours later she updated that she is single again. In the three months they dated, the couple broke up multiple times. However, things really blew up last week. On Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, Tana Mongeau accused Miles of cheating on her. At the same time, she posted videos of herself crying. In order to console her, a few of her cousins showed up. However, the night ended with her in bed with Miles where he claimed that it all was just a drunk meltdown.

Recently, Tana Mongeau has declared that she will not talk about her relationships on social media

Tana Mongeau Says She'll Stop Talking About Her Relationships Online

After last week’s drama, Miles announced that he was indeed single. Similarly, Tana Mongeau also reciprocated this by posting a screenshot of his story and wrote:

The definition of cruelty. You never loved me. No more toxic public shit for me never again.

Surprisingly, she is keeping her word this time. In her latest TikTok video, Tana Mongeau updated her followers about it but not really. She said:

Everyone keeps asking what happened with Chris. I’m going to refrain for once from airing the details because that is not the cutest. However, I hope we remain amazing friends. Yeah, I can’t keep getting toxic online, that is the bottom line.

While it is commendable to see her making positive changes, there is a guarantee with Tana Mongeau. Who knows she might preparing a podcast episode on her latest breakup as I type.

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