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Brian Laundrie: Human remains & items believed to be missing influencer’s found in Florida Park

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After almost a month of his disappearance, police have found a backpack belonging to Brian Laundrie. At the same time, human remains have been found near the bag. Interestingly, it was his father who found the bag. During the search for Laundrie, his parents accompanied the police. Many believe that he might have planted the bag. However, their attorney is rejecting any such theories. It is still not confirmed if the remains are actually Laundrie’s.

It all began back in August when Gabby Petito embarked on a journey of lifetime with Brian Laundrie.

After converting a van for their epic trip, the couple left for a cross-country tour from Florida. However, Gabby Petito stopped contacting her family at the end of August. On 1st September, Brian Laundrie arrived at his parents’ house in Florida. Although he drove the same van they were traveling in, there was no trace of Petito. Shortly after, her parents filed a missing person report and a police investigation started. After a few days, Laundrie left his house for a hike, never to be returned. Since then, we have seen bodycam footage of the couple in distress. Similarly, there is a 911 call, claiming that Brian Laundrie hit Gabby Petito.

Last month, police confirmed that Gabby Petito was murdered

After many weeks of active search and investigation, the police found a body in Bridger-Teton National Forest in Wyoming. According to the autopsy report, Gabby Petito was murdered by strangulation. At the same time, they confirmed that her death took place three or four weeks before the body was found. Shortly after, the police declared Brian Laundrie as the prime suspect. However, they could not find him despite the search.

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Earlier today, the police found a bag belonging to Brian Laundrie and human remains

Brian Laundrie: Human Remains & Items Believed To Be Missing Influencer's Found In Florida Park
Policy Bodycam Footage

According to FBI Special Agent In Charge, Michael McPherson, they found a backpack and human remains in Carlton Reserve, Florida. Among other things, they found a notebook belonging to Gabby Petito. Although it is not confirmed if the remains belong to Brian Laundrie, there is a high possibility. The park reopened on Tuesday after it was closed for a week. Interestingly, Brian Laundrie’s parents joined the search. According to the family attorney, Steve Bertolino:

“As they went further in, Chris ventured off the trail into the woods. He was zigzagging in different areas, law enforcement was doing the same thing. And Roberta Laundrie was walking down the trail. At some point, Chris locates what’s called a dry bag. The dry bag is a white bag, laying in the woods, say 20 feet or so off the trail.”

Meanwhile, the body was located very near to the backpack. However, the condition of the remains is such that it would take some time to identify them. Although it’s not confirmed that it is Brian Laundrie or not, it is reported that his family is devastated.

Update: FBI confirms human remains found in Florida Park are of Brian Laundrie

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