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Joe Rogan talks about the outrage around Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix special

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Recently Dave Chappelle got a lot of stick for his new Netflix special. Hoards of people on the internet labeled it as transphobic and homophobic, with many calling Netflix to take off the special and trying to effectively have Chappelle canceled. And now, Joe Rogan has also commented on Chappelle’s special as well as the outrage he is receiving. As always, Rogan continues to stand against Cancel culture.

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Joe Rogan defends his good friend Dave Chappelle, saying he is not at transphobic and is one of the kindest people he has met

Joe Rogan Talks About The Outrage Around Dave Chappelle's New Netflix Special
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In a recent episode of his The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, the host had invited fellow comedian Michael Malice on to the show as a guest. There, Malice mentioned Dave Chappelle in front of Rogan, as the two are good friends. Upon being asked, Rogan revealed that Chappelle is doing well, saying he’s just “riding out the storm”. Furthermore, Rogan emphasized that Chappelle isn’t he’s neither homophobic nor transphobic. He said:

It’s fun. It’s just making jokes. That doesn’t mean hate. This is the problem with today. if you don’t have an enemy you make an enemy.

Joe Rogan then launched a polemic against Cancel Culture. He talked about how jokes are not the same as hate or violence, saying:

When you start equating jokes with real feelings, they are not the same thing.

Rogan had a serious issue with art being censored and that some things cannot be joked about. He said it’s weird to think that joking and having fun is done with malicious intent. He said:

These ideas that you cant make fun of are dangerous. They’re not good for the people who hold those ideas, whether it’s about who you are or what you do. The idea that no fun can be had about any of this is crazy. Cause the idea is that then all fun is done maliciously and out of hate. And we know as friends that is just not true.

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Joe Rogan believes jokes don’t always have malicious intent behind them

Afterward, Joe Rogan went on a tirade to explain what is wrong with policing art and especially comedy. He was insistent that joking about something does not make you homophobic or transphobic. Furthermore, he again emphasized that he knows Dave Chappelle personally and he is one of the most tolerant people he knows. Rogan said:

There’s fun in making fun of each other and we have to accept that. And then I need to know about your real feelings about gay people, your real feelings about trans people, your real feelings about all religions and all races and all ethnicities. But we’ve got to be able to joke around about each other. And if you get down to Dave Chappelle’s real feelings, he’s a lovely person. He’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life. He loves everybody. He’s not a hateful soul, he’s beyond jealous.

Furthermore, Joe Rogan just despised the idea of anyone being in a protected class where

He’s just a guy who loves this art form called standup comedy and he tries to do his best navigating through this world of talking s**t about things and saying outrageous things that get huge laughs or placating really sensitive groups that feel like they’re in a protected class. And then the other people that pile on to that also feel like this is a protected class. And they equate any jokes with hate. This is where they’re wrong. I’m telling you Dave Chappelle doesn’t hate anyone or anything.

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The podcast host believes Dave Chappelle to be one of the greatest of all time, and that the overall message of his recent Netflix special was good

Finally, Joe Rogan concluded that the special was actually largely misunderstood. In his defense of Dave Chappelle, the podcast host said:

Just focus on the overall message, it is in no way transphobic.

Later, Joe Rogan talked about the legacy of Dave Chappelle. But, he understood the criticism that some might have against the comedian. However, what Rogan categorically was against was the demand of Netflix to take down the special, instead, Rogan suggested that his critics make centerpieces of criticism, or even make a special criticizing Chappelle instead of censoring him. The host said:

He’s one of the greatest comedians that ever lived. So, obviously, a lot of f**king people like him. But what you want is for people to not have access to him, when you have options. You don’t have to like it. But if you want Netflix to take it down, and say it’s hateful, this is an incorrect way to do this. If you wanna make your own special about what was wrong with Dave Chappelle’s special, go for it. And good luck to you. And maybe you’ll have a point that person you’re criticizing can take into consideration and go maybe I can do better than this.

Despite his defense of Dave Chappelle, Joe Rogan failed to address Netflix firing a transgender employee being fired for criticizing the new Chappelle special.

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