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Ace Family is now homeless

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After several months of rumors and speculations, the ACE Family house is officially getting auctioned. The infamous YouTube family has faced a financial crisis for a while now. In July, the news came out that their house might be put for sale. However, Austin and Catherine McBroom denied the rumors. For quite some time now, there has been news of infidelity, the Social Gloves controversy, etc. Despite that, the couple has been active on social media and YouTube. Now it looks like the worst is actually happening.

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From cheating rumors to eviction news, ACE Family is going through a lot

Ace Family Is Now Homeless

Since the beginning of this year, ACE Family has faced many issues. According to Tana Mongeau and Trisha Paytas, Austin McBroom cheated on his wife, Catherine McBroom multiple times. However, the couple kept denying the rumors. Next up, McBroom organized The Battle of The Platforms boxing event. In the event, YouTubers and TikTokers went head to head for the prize money of $1 million. However, not one participant or winner got paid. After immense backlash, it was revealed that Social Gloves, the company which organized the event is actually under McBroom’s name. After this, investors and participants filed a lawsuit against him. According to sources:

“The problem McBroom faces is that the event didn’t generate enough revenue to pay all of the fighters and investors. McBroom estimated that the event would generate $200 million to $500 million but the event only sold 136,000 subscriptions for packages starting at $49.99 and going up to $89.99.”

Furthermore, legal documents were leaked on social media which claimed that ACE Family is getting evicted from their house. At the same time, the news outlets claimed that the house is up for auction.

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Despite the news, Austin and Catherine McBroom denied the rumors of eviction

After the eviction news came out, the couple took to social media to address the issue. In an Instagram Q&A, Catherine McBroom answered the question about the future of the ACE Family house. She said:

“I have not spoken about any of this publicly but if I did I think most of the hateful; people that with us pain and failure would feel very stupid for ever assuming the worst. It’s just not fair how people can just assume that I don’t pay my bills or something.”

Furthermore, she said:

“That’s so far from my character and much more. I think people forget that we built our house… and that we are in a pandemic. Most cities are closed and unable to get permits etc not everything in the world has to do with money. To see people make fun of the idea of loosing a home is sick. Wish people well!”

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Recently, reports came out that ACE Family house is officially getting auctioned

In a video circulating on social media, the ACE Family house is in big trouble. According to reports, only two people had interest to buy the mansion. However, none of them actually bought it. The ACE Family house is being auctioned for $9 million which is how much debt the McBrooms have to pay. After no one bought the house, it went back to the beneficiary. At the moment, there is no news of the family or their whereabouts.


Although the downfall of the ACE Family was long overdue, it is sad to see them homeless. Hopefully, they are able to make things turn for their kids’ sake.

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