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Harry Jowsey calls James Charles the F-slur in a now-deleted Clip From Recent podcast

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Well!! We never thought this day would come when the Too Hot To Handle star Harry Jowsey would say something offensive about someone. Though he acts childish at times, he seems like a sensible person. However, what he said in his recent podcast about James Charles made a lot of fans really sad and angry. And before we further talk about Harry’s huge blunder on his podcast. I would like to tell you all a little bit about Harry and some of his friends from the LGBTQ+ community.

A couple of weeks ago, Nikita Dragun made a song named D*CK. And Harry Jowsey’s picture somehow landed in the video of this song along with Nikita’s ex-boyfriend and some renowned celebrities and transgender icons. Later, Harry was asked during a podcast what he was doing in Nikita Dragun’s debut song video. To which he replied that he has hooked up with the transgender star like a year ago. But he didn’t tell anybody except some of his close friends and family. He further added that he doesn’t treat Nikita like she is a different person. He treats her like he treats other women with respect and honor.

Harry also appeared in a glam collab video with Manny Mua, who is an active member of the YouTube community. He is also really good friends with Tana Mongeau, a popular bisexual influencer. So, we really don’t know why he would call James Charles by the ‘F-slur’ in the recent episode of his podcast.

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Harry Jowsey Is Catching The Heat After Calling James Charles The F-Slur

Let me break down the whole incident for you guys. A couple of hours ago, Harry’s 37th podcast episode went on-air on Spotify and YouTube. According to some fans and social media news reporters, they heard Harry Jowsey saying the F**got slur eight minutes into the podcast. In the now-deleted clip of the podcast, Harry was casually having a chat with his producer. And the whole discussion was supposed to be cut out of the video before going on-air. But it somehow went on-air without the edit.

“James Charles is trying to f*ck me- the makeup artist. You don’t know who he is? Just some f**got.”

Oh well!! Harry shouldn’t have talked about James Charles in the very first place. And even if he did, he shouldn’t have said the F-slur. Because to be very honest, whatever Harry said about Nikita in the BFFs podcast seems fake now.

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Harry Jowsey Made A Public Apology To James Charles

Not long after the video went on air, fans started calling out Harry for being homophobic towards James. So he issued an apology through his Instagram Live.

“The person I have spoken about casually or in any shape or form, the person I said these things about. Umm, I did immediately apologize, I have mended things in private.

And I just wanted to come on here and say that I am extremely embarrassed about myself, my actions. And the fact that I let such a word slip up. So I just wanted to say, to James, my friend, that I said this word about. I am deeply sorry.”

Harry further added that he is going to take some time to educate himself.

“I am gonna take some time off to educate myself and be a better person. And actively pursue being a better human and leave you a better impact. I just wanted to come here and say that I love you guys.”

Though Harry mentioned in the Instagram live that he has already apologized to James. But James, on the other hand, still has not said anything on this matter. Do you guys think these two would be doing a collaboration soon to talk about this whole situation?? Please let us know in the comments down below.

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