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PewDiePie roasts Dixie D’Amelio calling her apartment tour “weird”

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PewDiePie is not someone who will give anyone a free pass if he finds them to be cringe or worthy of criticism. And this time, it’s Dixie D’Amelio in his crosshairs. The YouTube icon recently saw Dixie’s apartment tour but was not impressed at all by it. He called it weird, along with loads of other criticism.

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Dixie D’Amelio’s apartment tour made absolutely no sense to PewDiePie

PewDiePie Roasts Dixie D'Amelio Calling Her Apartment Tour "Weird"

The Swedish YouTuber, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, is the most followed channel on YouTube. And so, anything he says or does pretty much makes it into influencer news. In his recent video, PewDiePie reprimanded the Sway and Hype House of TikTok and singer/influencer/YouTuber/TikToker Dixie D’Amelio.

In this video, Pewds focused on these influencers flaunting their houses on the internet. First, he poked fun at what exactly Dixie did, as it wasn’t clear if she was a singer, a YouTuber, or TikToker. However, Dixie’s apartment truly left him astounded. In it, we see Dixie showing her furniture as well as the brand that it particularly belonged to. But, what really baffled PewDiePie was:

If you live in America, why the f**k would you live in a flat? That’s just what I wanna know as soon as the tour starts.

Eventually, Pewds realized why the famous TikToker has an apartment

And of course, Pewds didn’t enjoy the bit about her furniture brand either. Moreover, he hadn’t listened to any of the songs she wrote either. Needless to say, PewDiePie was quite unimpressed. In one part of the tour, Dixie showed a glass window with the view of nearby apartments, saying:

This is where I stand most mornings, I drink my morning coffee and stare into other people’s apartments.

And that answered PewDiePie’s question of why she chose to live in an apartment, as he said:

That’s so weird, maybe that’s why Americans love living in an apartment, they like staring at people.

Felix, pretty much, poked fun at the tour of every single influencer in his videos. That also included Bryce Hall and all of Sway House and Hype House. Don’t think for a second that he was by any means easy on them.

That said, PewDiePie hasn’t always gotten away with his criticism. This one time, he criticized Dhar Mann for his motivational videos, calling them cringe. That sparked a series of videos by Dhar, where he would constantly call Pewds a hater. It truly felt like Dhar took Felix’s criticism very seriously, and since then Pewds has addressed the feud multiple times. He said he had nothing personal against Dhar, but that doesn’t mean his videos should be immune to criticism. Dixie D’Amelio hasn’t commented on PewDiePie’s video yet.

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