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Defnoodles claims he has evidence of Keemstar & James Charles conspiring for his Twitter ban

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Last week, Defnoodles claimed that Keemstar got him banned from Twitter. At the same time, Denise Feitosa, the face behind the gossip account, also got banned. According to him, Drama Alert YouTuber used his contacts to get both of his accounts banned. This week, Feitosa posted a hilarious video on Instagram, claiming Keemstar and James Charles conspired against him. According to Feitosa, Twitter did not give him any reason for the ban.

Earlier this year, Defnoodles faced its first ban

With the popularity of TikTokers and social media influencers, there are many accounts that report the latest news. Among them is Defnoodles, where you can get the latest tea about the stars. In July this year, its Twitter account got banned. According to Denise Feitosa, Twitter gave no warning before the ban. At the same time, they did not give any reason as well. At the time of the ban, Defnoodles had 158k followers on Twitter.

According to Feitosa, Keemstar reported his accounts on Twitter

A few days back, Twitter lifted the ban from Defnoodles. However, it got suspended shortly after. Once again, there was no warning or reason for the suspension. It promoted Feitosa to slam his old enemy, Keemstar. According to him, he did not violate any rules or guidelines. Therefore, only one person must be behind the ban. In a lengthy rant on his Instagram account of Defnoodles, he said:

In my opinion, there is only one person for this recent suspension. He’s known as the baldest head in the East, the most famous toilet drinker in the world, the inbred Sean Hannity known as Keemstar aka Karenstar. Keemstar has a long running history of using his social media contacts to deplatform his competitors and rivals. Recently, he admitted to emailing the CEO of YouTube to ban H3 Productions. It resulted in a week lone ban for H3.

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Yesterday, Feitosa posted a hilarious video on Instagram regarding Keemstar and James Charles

Defnoodles Claims He Has Evidence Of Keemstar & James Charles Conspiring For His Twitter Ban

After he blamed Keemstar for the ban, he responded by saying that Defnoodles put out false pedo allegations. However, it still does not stop Feitosa from putting the blame on him. At the same time, he made fun of Keemstar and involved James Charles as well. In a funny video posted on Defnoodles’ Instagram account, animated avatars of Keemstar and James Charles celebrate the ban of Defnoodles. After the ban, Drama Alert YouTuber called Charles to share the happy news. At the same time, he holds a picture of Feitosa and rubs two fingers on it. Charles tells him that he is obsessed. Later, both of them visit Chuck E Cheese to celebrate.

Although Defnoodles pokes fun at the whole situation, it must be frustrating to have your account banned without any reason.

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