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Playboy Germany Admits It Misquotes Ennio Morricone About Quentin Tarantino

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Recently, the media was ablaze with the news of The Hateful Eight musical composer Ennio Morricone calling Quentin Tarantino a “cretin” and other negative comments. However, since then the company who quoted him saying it, Playboy Germany, admitted that it misquoted the words of the musical composer. Here’s what went down.

Ennio Morricone Denied Making Negative Comments

Immediately after the interview quoting Morricone saying negative comments about Quentin Tarantino was published, Ennio Morricone denied making such comments about the director. He said that the magazine wrongfully quoted him saying those harsh lines about Quentin. The musical composer stated that he would ensure his lawyers take legal action against the company and settle the hassle in a civil manner.

Ennio Considers Quentin A Friend

On the contrary, Ennio stated that he rather admires Quentin Tarantino and enjoys collaborating with him on projects. He has nothing but immense respect of the Hollywood director and considers him a dear friend.

He even credits Quentin in giving him the opportunity to win an Oscar.

I credit our collaboration responsible for getting me an Oscar, which is for sure one of the greatest acknowledgments of my career, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to compose music for his film.

What Playboy Had To Say

Playboy originally stuck to the original interview they published which quoted Ennio saying Quentin a “cretin”. But now the editor-in-chief of the company admits that the magazine misquoted Ennio Morricone. The editor of Playboy gave out a statement on the matter. It said that previously they couldn’t doubt the integrity of the writer who reported on the interview. But now they must admit that the words used in the original article were incorrect.

“In the past, we have had no reason to doubt his journalistic integrity and skills. Based on the information now at our disposal, we must unfortunately assume that the words spoken in the interview have, in part, been reproduced incorrectly.

The editor further apologized to Ennio about the whole matter and were looking for legal ways to fix the situation.

When Did the Original Interview of Playboy Occur?

Playboy Germany published the article in the December issue. It came online just recently hence why the controversy sparked online. The interview reportedly took place in June 30, 2018. Playboy Germany has not given any more details as of now.

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