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What’s Bryce Hall’s Net Worth in 2021?

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If you think Bryce Hall’s net worth might not be as impressive as his ex-girlfriend’s, you need to think again. While Addison Rae has taken a different route, Hall is still dependent on content creation for income. However, he knows how to make those numbers increase. From sponsored content to his own energy drink, Hall has some tricks up his sleeve. Therefore, he is in a very comfortable spot without making a film debut.

In the past, Bryce Hall’s net worth was controversial as YouTuber claimed it to be $10 million

What's Bryce Hall's Net Worth In 2021?

As we all know, Bryce Hall likes to get into trouble and is very good at it too. A few months back, he posted a tweet that landed him in an argument. According to him, people do not take TikTokers seriously. However, they keep on exceeding their expectations. He said:

tiktokers continue to exceed everyone’s expectations and it will just continue to happen… how much more shit can people talk before they realize we’ll just keep winning 🥱

In response to this, a Twitter user hit back that Hall has not met or exceeded anyone’s expectations. This prompted him to reply with a huge lie. In a matter of seconds, Bryce Hall’s net worth blew up to $10 million. He tweeted:

Is your expectations greater than being a 21 year old worth more than $10m? If so, you must be worth more! I’d love to know! Thx for the feed back xoxo

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Despite his claim, Bryce Hall’s net worth is not as bad as people think

Although most of his income comes from YouTube videos or TikToks, Bryce Hall’s net worth is increasing day by day. Every month, his YouTube videos generate almost 8 million views. According to reports, YouTubers make $3 to $7 thousand per video. If this is the case, Bryce Hall earns almost $32 thousand per month and $852 thousand per year. This income comes solely from YouTube videos, which also include sponsored content, affiliate commissions, product sales, and speaking gigs.

Apart from this, Hall has several side gigs for extra income

As of today, Bryce Hall’s net worth is $2 million. However, it does not come just from YouTube. Along with fellow Sway House member, Josh Richards, Hall launched his own energy drink, Ani Energy. Their collective energy drink is $28 per pack of 12. At the same time, the drink is being sold at 300 Walmart stores and Amazon stores. With this, their income has skyrocketed. On the other hand, Bryce Hall’s net worth is also dependent on his merch sales. He introduced his own merch, Party Animal. This brand has clothing, accessories, and socks.

With this kind of net worth, Bryce Hall is one of the highest-earning content creators. No wonder he is always boasting about his money.

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