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Gabby Petito was murdered by strangulation, reveals autopsy report

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After a month of missing person report, Gabby Petito case is finally solved. A few weeks ago, the police found her body in Wyoming. However, the police wanted to wait for the autopsy before confirming anything. A few days back, the autopsy revealed that Petito was strangled to death. Her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie is named the person of interest. Despite the active search and thorough investigation, Laundrie is still missing. The police are not able to locate him as of now.

In July, Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie embarked on a cross-country trip

Gabby Petito Was Murdered By Strangulation, Reveals Autopsy Report

Prior to the trip, Petito converted a van into their home. Their plan was to travel for four months and stay in the van. In a YouTube video, Gabby Petito gave a tour of the van and described their upcoming trip. In July, Petito and Laundrie left New York for Florida. Throughout the trip, she kept her followers updated on social media. At the end of August, Gabby Petito stopped posting on social media and made no contact with her family. Despite the suspicions, her family waited for her calls.

On September 1st, Brian Laundrie drove back to Florida in the same van but there was no trace of Petito. Her family filed for a missing person report on 11th September. Thus began the investigation and search for her. Shortly after, Laundrie went missing as well. During the investigation, bodycam footage from August came out. In the video, Gabby Petito is seen crying and shaking. Meanwhile, Laundrie is smiling and does not seem upset. Later, a 911 call revealed that the witness saw Laundrie hitting Petito.

After weeks of search, the police found body of Gabby Petito in Wyoming

While the police searched for Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie, his family did not cooperate. According to them, he told his family that he is going on a hike to Carlton Reserve. However, the police found out that he made an account on At&T and got a new phone. At the same time, the police started searching for him in the reserve. Meanwhile, the police found the body of Gabby Petito in Wyoming. On 21st September, she was officially declared dead. At the same time, Laundrie was named the person of interest.

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Recently, the autopsy revealed the cause of death in Petito case

After almost a month of her death, the autopsy report is here. According to the Teton County coroner, Dr. Brent Blue, the cause of Gabby Petito’s death is strangulation/throttling. He believes that she was strangled by a human being. At the same time, he revealed that Gabby Petito died three or four weeks before her body was found. He also said:

“It’s not like TV where they say, oh, they died on this date, it’s a very rough estimate. And I know that law enforcement is using other methods to try to determine a more exact date, but from an autopsy point of view, it’s a very rough estimate.”

So far, Petito;s family has not made any comment. Meanwhile, Brian Laundrie is still at large and the police are unable to find him.

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