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The Beatles turned down a reunion concert back in 1973, reveals Ringo Starr

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As soon as The Beatles broke up and the pandemonium died down, fans immediately started calling for some sort of Beatles reunion. This is something that fans of almost every band call for as soon as they hear their favorite musicians’ group disbanded. But, The Beatles actually got a few offers for a reunion concert as well. One of them was quite bizarre in 1973, which Ringo Starr has recently revealed.

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The Beatles Turned Down A Reunion Concert Back In 1973, Reveals Ringo Starr
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The Beatles’ breakup was not like any other band splitting. It was deeply personal because of the unbreakable bond that the fab four from Liverpool shared with each other. In a New Yorker profile of Paul McCartney, the musician has revealed that after the breakup, he visited John Lennon right after the latter separated from Yoko Ono for a while, there were chances of a reunion. During their time together, the two went into recording sessions too with Stevie Wonder and Harry Nillson. And that sparked rumors of a Beatles reunion.

In the profile, Ringo Starr also spoke up on the matter. During this time, Starr reveals that the fab four were offered a “fortune” for a Beatles reunion. Oddly enough, the reunion was to begin with a guy wrestling a shark, for some reason that we’ll never know of. However, all four of the band members turned it down. Starr revealed:

We called each other and said no. We were taking our own roads now.

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The upcoming Peter Jackson documentary explains why a Beatles reunion was so out of the question

Apart from The Beatles reunion, the main focus of the profile is on the upcoming Peter Jackson documentary on the fab four, labeled The Beatles: Get Back. It focuses on the recording last studio album that the Beatles released, Let It Be. That time in the history of the band was mostly marred with fights and grievances among the band members. But, Ringo Starr got to see the documentary in a private screening, and he was pleasantly surprised. He said:

They put some joy in! That was always my argument—we were laughing and angry.

The Beatles: Get Back is a three-part documentary series that will be released on November 21, 2021. Apart from that, Paul McCartney also made clear recently that it was not him, not George Harrison, but John Lennon who actually broke the Beatles. The musician said in a recent interview:

I didn’t instigate the split. That was our Johnny. This was my band, this was my job, this was my life, so I wanted it to continue.

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