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Aquaman Guidebook Reveals Why Arthur Curry Left Atlantis

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The premiere of Warner Bros. DC Film’s Aquaman is just a month ahead. We already have significant plot data for the upcoming movie. Aquaman: Arthur’s Guidebook To Atlantis contains an image that indicates why a 13-year-old Arthur Curry left Atlantis.

Why Arthur Curry Left Atlantis

The Aquaman guidebook contains a letter, that Arthur Curry penned himself. There Curry explains his reasons for abandoning Atlantis. Curry mentions that it was Willem Dafoe’s Vulko and his alien friends who forced him out of Atlantis. Arthur Curry was taken back by the repulsion from the underwater world. Hence, he decided to stay away from Atlantis. After all, what reason did he have to stay in Atlantis, when it did not want Arthur for itself.

In the letter, he writes,

“Fine. You know what? Vulko, you and your alien friends win. If Atlantis wants NOTHING to do with me, then I want NOTHING to do with Atlantis. Why can’t everyone just leave me ALONE!!,”

Arthur also blames Atlantis for killing his mother in the Aquaman guidebook. He; therefore, has no intention of including himself in a place that took from him his family.

He also writes,

“When I got home, I locked EVERYTHING away—my photos, my letters, my notes, everything that I didn’t put in this book. I locked it all up in my old tackle box, and I put it in the cellar. I’m done trying to fit into a world that doesn’t want me. A world that killed my mother. So I don’t need this book anymore. I’M HIDING IT SOMEWHERE NO ONE WILL EVER FIND IT. And Vulko, if he’s out there, I just want him to know one thing: GET LOST.”

Arthur Curry And Vulko

Apart from dawning upon the reason why Arthur Curry left Atlantis, there is also another picture in the Aquaman guidebook that shows Arthur Curry training alongside Vulko. The picture features Vulko with his signature spear. Arthur comically explains that Vulko would kill him if he came to know about the photoshoot. Later he found solace with the idea that Vulko would not even know what a picture is. Arthur was also ecstatic to know that Vulko would eventually allow Arthur to train with his spear.

Aquaman Plot, Release Date, Cast

Aquaman will hit theaters on December 21st, 2018. Coming from the stables of director James Wans, the superhero saga stars Jason Momoa in the lead role. Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson, Yahya Abdul Mateen will also feature in the film.

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