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Denis Villeneuve says it’s a “miracle” that he survived ‘Blade Runner 2049’

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For sci-fi nerds, there are few movies better than Blade Runner 2049. The movie was as perfect a sequel of the original 1982 Blade Runner as humanly possible. And the director Denis Villeneuve was quite meticulous in his work, as the movie was practically a masterpiece. But, in terms of Box Office success, Blade Runner 2049 was underwhelming at best, just like its predecessor. And because of that reason, Villeneuve thought it’s a “miracle” that his career survived that.

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Blade Runner 2049: A movie that almost cast Denis Villeneveuve his career

Denis Villeneuve Says It's A "Miracle" That He Survived 'Blade Runner 2049'
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Despite the critical success, Blade Runner 2049 struggled to perform at the box office. It failed to cross the $100 million mark in the US, whereas it had a production and marketing budget of over $300 million. As a result, the movie cost Alcon Entertainment at least $80 million. And as a result, the director Denis Villeneuve considers it a miracle that his career survived that movie. While talking on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Villeneuve was relieved that he still had a career, saying:

The miracle for me about ‘Blade Runner 2049’ is the following: I’m still making movies and you’re still talking to me. I knew that when I did this movie I flirted with disaster. I put myself into massive artistic danger. That was walking, as Christopher Nolan said to me once…walking on sacred territory. It’s true. It was sacrilegious what I did. I was told, ‘You don’t do that.’ Just the fact that I’m still here making movies, for me…at least I wasn’t banned from the filmmaker community. It was a dangerous game.

Now, the director is solely focused on Dune

Denis Villeneuve Says It's A "Miracle" That He Survived 'Blade Runner 2049'
Variety (YouTube)

Despite this financial setback, Denis Villeneuve is still very much making movies. In fact, he is now at the helm of an even more massive financial undertaking with Warner Bros. in their upcoming movie Dune. The movie’s release date is set for 22nd October in US theatres and on HBO Max. And if Dune performs well in the theatres in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Warner Bros. and Legendary Entertainment will go ahead with an intended Dune sequel in their two-part adaptation. However, despite the mega-budget, Denis Villeneuve believes Blade Runner 2049 and Dune were completely different ex[eriences as far as filming was concerned. He said the pressure was completely different, saying in an interview last year:

With ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘Dune,’ it’s two different pressures. With ‘Blade Runner’ I had to be respectful of Ridley Scott’s masterpiece. It was more an act of love. Here’s it’s totally different. I’m dealing with the pressure of the dreams I had as a teenager. I was a big dreamer. I dreamed big when I was younger. That teenager in me is totalitarian and I had to please those dreams. That was the biggest challenge.

Moreover, Denis Villeneuve has vocally said that his adaptation of Dune has several images and dreams that he had envisioned while first reading Frank Herbert’s novel as a teenager. However, it will be quite different from David Lynch’s 1984 Dune movie. In other news, Villeneuve has recently spoken out criticizing Marvel movies as well. He alleged that they were basically ‘copy-paste’ of each other and have very little of the creator’s own signature.

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