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Harry Jowsey and Nikita Dragun hooked up?

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Well! I guess we are all pretty much familiar with Harry Jowsey and Nikita Dragun. As they both have been staying in the spotlight since they stepped into the world of fame. But before we jump onto the actual topic, I would like to give you all a little insight into Harry & Nikita’s past.

So, we all know that Nikita stepped into the world of beauty and started her YouTube channel with the name of Nikita Dragun. Not just that, Nikita also launched her very own makeup brand with the name of Dragun Beauty. Her orange, lavender, and green color correctors are a hit and so are her setting powders. The beauty guru has also done makeup collaborations with Morphe. She was also a part of the recent New York Fashion Week and walked on the ramp dressed up as mother earth. This is indeed a very huge achievement for the members of the Trans Community.

Now, let’s talk about the Too Hot To Handle’s Harry Jowsey, whose handsome-ness has no bounds. Is that even a word or did I just make it up? Anyways, Harry’s name rose to fame after the reality show ‘Too Hot To Handle’ aired on Netflix. And Harry started dating one of the co-stars, ‘Francesca Farago’ from the show. They looked happy throughout their short-term relationship. But their relationship had many ups and downs. Just like Nikita, Harry is also trying to now focus more on building his career. And ‘dating’ is not actually a part of his priorities these days.

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Harry Jowsey recently appeared in the BFFs podcast and spilled the beans on his hookup with Nikita Dragun

A lot of Nikita Dragon fans were wondering about how the THTH star landed a spot in the beauty guru’s debut single D-I-C-K”? Well!! We all know that a couple of days ago the beauty mogul released a song named “D-ck“. Which is about Transgender empowerment. But the song video came as a shock to a lot of people as it contains photos of some of Nikita’s ex-boyfriends. There were photos of the famous rapper Tyga, then one of Nikita’s pretend ex-boyfriends which she hired for a day, Michael Yerger.

Both Tyga and Michael Yerger have denied all the accusations. And apart from these two, we all recognized this one person from her debut single which literally came as a shock. Before we go any further, let me share a screenshot of the guy which I am talking about.


Yes, guys! Harry Jowsey’s half nak-d pictured made a cameo in Nikita’s debut single D-CK. We would have never figured it out. But then Harry appeared in the BFFs podcast where he was asked what actually went down between him and Nikita. And what actually made him land a spot in her video. I also wanted to post the song video for you guys, but Nikita took it down from her Instagram account for some reason. And she is not even active on her socials these days.

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What really happened between Nikita Dragun and Harry Jowsey!

A couple of days ago Harry appeared in the BFFs podcast and we all know what happens when Dave Portnoy puts a spell on his guests and make them spill a lot of things. And the first question which he asked Harry is about what he was doing in Nikita’s debut single “D*CK”?

“Harry: Well!! I was actually meant to have Nikita on my podcast last night to talk about all this stuff because I didn’t want to like go out and say something that she didn’t want being public knowledge and stuff like that. But I think I am just going to wait till she is ready to address.”

He also mentioned that he asked Nikita to come (on the podcast) and talk about the whole thing. As he was concerned about her safety because there were a lot of big names in the (song) that Nikita has hooked up with. And they obviously wouldn’t want to be a part of that kind of stuff. And what Harry said next literally made my heart melt.

“But I also said in many podcasts that I am hugely attracted to people’s energy. It doesn’t really matter who they are. So with Nikita, if you guys know her or meet her offline, she is like very powerful, driven, uhh she is very attractive and very successful in many senses. So I don’t know but I have always been attracted towards her.”

Dave from the BFFs podcast asked Harry again that if he hooked up with Nikita or not.

“I don’t know man. Like, I have always been attracted towards her. See the thing is, I don’t want to upset her by saying too much or too little. But once she is ready to talk about it, I am more than happy to talk about it.”

Dave being Dave just wanted Harry to spill some coffee beans and tea leaves. So he kept pestering him to reveal the real reason he was included in Nikita’s video.

Harry then shared that the pictured that was included in the video was of the night where they were both very drunk.

Oh well!! That’s not it guys. There’s more to the story.

“I am not gonna say anything because I feel like it doesn’t really matter. Because like for me, it’s just like hooking up with another girl. Because I honestly see trans women as women. I didn’t see them as a big deal.”

Dave then questions Harry if he had any idea about his cameo in the song. To which Harry replied with a big no because he was really mad at Nikita for putting one of his worst photos in the song.

“No man, I was actually annoyed.  Because I am pretty sure that we took a selfie the morning after. And I am like why didn’t you get me when I didn’t look like a f*cking bean.”

Harry further added that he pretty much told everybody the next day about his hookup with Nikita. And that he is really blessed to have a family and group of friends who are not at all judgmental. I personally like Harry and Nikita a lot. Let us know in the comments down below if you think Nikita will appear on Harry’s Tap In podcast in a couple of weeks.

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