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Jeffree Star wants to Make An OnlyF*ns For This

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A lot of social media celebrities are joining OnlyF*ns these days. And famous YouTube makeup artist Jeffree Star is also thinking about jumping on the bandwagon. Now before we go onto any further details, I would like to give you all a little insight on the beauty mogul’s se*ual escapades. As we all know Jeffree has been in the makeup industry for a very long time. Before starting the makeup journey, Jeffree used to be a singer. And he used to do his own makeup. Later, he started doing the makeup of some celebrities and also created a YouTube channel.

Maybe it’s safe to say that Jeffree’s was among the top three makeup artists on YouTube a couple of years ago. Not just that, the beauty guru even launched his own makeup line by the name of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Which has now become one of the top-selling/popular brands. The beauty mogul also has been facing a lot of backlash from some of his followers and celebrities when he got accused of se*ual harassment and paying hush money. At the same, Jeffree got into a very scary car accident and broke his back. And before that, there was a lot of drama involved between the beauty mogul and his short-term boyfriend Andre Marhold. Andre was not just an NBA basketball player, he was good at playing with feelings too. After almost a year full of drama and lawsuits, Jeffree and Andre are finally on good terms.

The beauty guru’s makeup line is also blooming day by day. Though he has permanently moved to Wyoming and totally dedicated to his STAR Ranch which is filled with animals, especially the Yaks. Jeffree makes short trips to L.A. to work on the production/launch of new products.

Jeffree Star recently shared that he wants OnlyF*ns to contact him

So a couple of days ago Jeffree appeared in the recent episode of Harry Jowsey’s Tap In podcast. Which came across as a piece of shocking news for a lot of people. As we all know Harry puts a weird spell on his guests which makes them spill a lot of coffee beans and tea leaves. And the same thing happened in Jeffree’s case, he shared a lot of s*x stories with Harry Jowsey and the podcast listeners.

Jeffree further shared that he wants OnlyF*ns to contact him because he wants to help a lot of girls out there who have no idea how to s*ck a d*ck.

“California has given me all I can take. I have m-ilked it, s-cked it (never spit). I think I should make and OnlyF-ns and teach girls how to s-ck d-ck. It’s time, I have taught you all to blend a f-cking smokey eye for ten years. But these h*es ain’t s-cking right.”

Sorry guys !! I had to censor half of the things because of Google’s demonetizing policy. But you all are getting the point, right?? The beauty mogul also posted a tweet and asked OnlyF*ns to give him a call.

I don’t know about you guys, but I got really excited about hearing this news. It’s been so long since we have been hearing these d*ck s*cking stories from the beauty mogul. Maybe now is the time to know if he is actually good at it or not!! Let us know in the comments down below if you all are equally excited.

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