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Trisha Paytas outraged at Ethan Klein for using “Shut up B*tch” soundbite aimed at Trisha

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It’s been months since the drama between Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein unfolded on the H3 Frenemies podcast. However, the beef between Trisha and Ethan just doesn’t seem to die down anytime soon. This time, Trisha has brought up a month’s old H3 podcast episode. They revealed that Ethan Klein using the “shut up b*tch” soundbite during their apology video made them extremely furious.

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Trisha Paytas furious over three-month-old H3 podcast by Ethan Klein

Trisha Paytas Outraged At Ethan Klein For Using "Shut Up B*Tch" Soundbite Aimed At Trisha

In their My Chemical Imbalance podcast episode 7, Trisha Paytas touched on quite an old topic. She talked about the H3 podcast where Ethan Klein and his crew reacted to Trisha’s apology video. In it, they talked about how angry and furious she was at how Ethan responded to their video. In particular, Trisha was referring to the “shut up b*tch” soundbite that his crew used while watching their video. Trisha said:

They did a soundbite that said shut up b*tch or something and they eliminated it from the original video that they put out about me. But they put it out again and in that moment I felt so angry, I was like wow. This is so disgusting how did they think they’re not doing anything wrong they’re egging this on.

Even though Trisha said they wanted to move on and not be bothered by Ethan’s gimmick, they broke their own rule. Trisha admitted to still being bothered about it, but mentioned that they did not title their video like Ethan did, saying:

And then putting it as the highlight in the title after all this stuff “I’m done with this person” or whatever. And you’re still talking about me, it did make me angry but i had to like, disengage. Obviously I’m not titling this video that. I think it’s gross to title this video that when you’re like “I’m not talking to this person” or whatever.

One of Ethan Klein’s crew members used the “shut up b*tch” soundbite while playing their apology video

The H3 episode in question was from July, in the episode titled ‘Trisha’s Apology & ACE Family Scam – Off The Rails’. In it, while playing Trisha Paytas’s apology video, Ethan’s crew member Zach played the shut up b*tch soundbite by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Immediately, the entire crew burst into laughter. However, Ethan made it clear that it was extremely inappropriate and that he was just laughing at the obscenity and timing of the soundbite. Although the final podcast upload had that moment edited out, the internet still had a clipping of it which you can see below:

You can watch the complete episode below:

In other news, Trisha Paytas has been given a lot of stick over the past few weeks. First, their allegations of being molested by her high school teacher were put under contention, resulting in Ethan taking down the podcast episode in which Trisha made the allegations. Then, there were a series of severe sexual assault allegations on Trisha’s fiance Moses Hacmon. Moreover, they also had to address bullying allegations by Courtney Stodden.

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