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Midnight Mass: ending explained

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If you also binge-watched Mike Flanagan’s new show, you might want to know what it meant. Midnight Mass ending can be confusing for many. Throughout the season, the residents of Crockett Island seemed to be waiting for a miracle. Although it did come, the miracle took more than it gave. At the same time, we expected few characters to finally get redemption. However, they departed before their happy ending. At the same time, the future of the remaining two is unknown.

Although Mike Flanagan had been working on this show for a while, he made several epic shows in the meantime

From The Haunting of Hill House to Doctor Sleep, Mike Flanagan has made it obvious that he is a huge Stephen King fan. However, Midnight Mass is his passion project. At the same time, this show feels more personal for him than the others. During an interview, he confessed that he has been sober for three years. When we look at his previous shows Hill House and Doctor Sleep, there are hints of drug abuse and addiction.

This can only mean that Flanagan likes to give a personal touch to his characters. On the other hand, there is a kind of happy ending for the inhabitants of Bly Manor and Crockett Island. At the end of The Haunting of Bly Manor, the main character dies and the curse is lifted. Similarly, the residents of Crockett Island die and the curse is gone. Despite it being very self-explanatory, the Midnight Mass ending has left many confused.

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In order to help you better understand, here’s is Midnight Mass ending explained

Midnight Mass: Ending Explained
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Throughout the season, the residents of Crockett Island portray themselves to be highly religious. At the same time, Monsignor Pruitt is treated as a higher entity. However, as Midnight Mass ending neared, the facades started falling. During their last conversation, Pruitt and Mildred talk about their affair. At that time, he admits that if she had asked him, he would have left with her and their daughter. Similarly, he brought back the angel to have an eternal life with Mildred and Sarah. Therefore, he cannot be the highly prestigious priest he acts to be. According to Flanagan:

“When it became clear that Paul could do bad things with pure motives, the show came into clearer focus. There’s only one character in the whole show who I think is evil and it’s not Father Paul.”

However, Flanagan hints towards Bev being the ultimate evil person. Whatever she does and wants, is from a place of selfishness. If she acts to be the most religious, it’s so she can manipulate the others based on their faith. Similarly, when she burns the whole town in Midnight Mass ending, it’s so she can prove to the others that she was right about their faith and the priest’s miracles. At the end of the last episode, Leeza and Warren sit in the boat and witness their home burning. According to Mike Flanagan, it has a lot of symbolism. He said:

“That last moment of the next generation looking out at the ashes of what the grown ups made – that’s what my kids are gonna get no matter what. That’s what all of our kids are gonna get. I wish it wasn’t as on fire as it it. But it really is. We’re never going to be able to explain adequately to our children what happened to the planet they inherited.”

Similarly, he talked about the angel flying away and said:

“The angel doesn’t represent vampirism or horror but corruption in any belief system. It represents fundamentalism and fanaticism. That’s never gonna go away. You might chase it away from your community for a minute. You might send it off to the sunrise and hope that that corrupting ideology will disappear. But it won’t. And the show could never show the angel die for that reason.”

While the show might not return for another season, the Midnight Mass ending has left us all wanting more. However, there are more exciting projects from Flanagan coming to Netflix soon.

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