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Shane Dawson Appearing on Jeffree Star’s YouTube Channel Leads to Backlash!

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The duo (Jeffree Star & Shane Dawson) that once took over YouTube and the makeup industry suddenly fell when an onslaught of controversies canceled both the YouTubers. Though, Jeffree returned soon to his own YouTube Channel after addressing the controversies and making a pledge to his fans to do better next time. As for Shane Dawson, he didn’t make any videos addressing the scandals. His latest video was already an apology video that discussed his racism and pedophilia jokes in his past content. After an inappropriate joke made by Shane about Willow Smith resurfaced and Tati Westbrook made her expose on him and Star, Shane Dawson took a long break from YouTube.

Even though he didn’t return to his own YouTube channel, he did make appearances on YouTube! He came on his fiance’s Ryland Adams’ YouTube channel and also appeared on his podcast with Lizzie Gordon.

Moreover, he has become quite active on Instagram and shared the news of returning on YouTube very soon. While some loyal fans were happy to hear the news, some were not. The critics of Shane Dawson have only increased in number and magnitude.

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Jeffree and Shaneare going to collaborate on YouTube again!

Jeffree Star shared the news that he’s going to have a video coming up featuring Shane Dawson. They are both going to talk about how their makeup collection, the Conspiracy Collection, is being sold at Nordstrom Rack.

As per Star, there is going to be some tea spilled too. He said that the duo would answer all the pressing concerns and questions the audience had for them. And he is going to discuss a deleted video as well

It’s definitely going to be a video collaboration that people are going to watch, no matter their personal opinion of the two YouTubers.

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However, there was a lot of backlash when Jeffree shared the news

The news was really not appreciated by some critics of Shane Dawson. One of them tweeted out saying:

“Who tf said it was okay for Shane to come back on the internet?? I bet Jeffree is going to turn off comments and dislikes.”

While some fans of Shane were happy to hear of his return but didn’t think it was a good idea for him to collaborate with Jeffree Star due to his controversial image.

Jeffree is such a bad look for Shane. Like, he’s not gonna save your reputation. I don’t get why he’s collabing with him before even making a “return”. Whatever I guess. I don’t care about these people.

Another critic commented saying that cancel culture doesn’t actually affect anyone since everyone returns after being “canceled”

Like I keep saying. Cancel culture isn’t real. Both of these a**holes will always be fine.

However, there were some that were passionate to take Dawson’s side:

Shane got bullied and almost killed himself. Remember that when you bully people on the internet. If David and James can comeback to YouTube so should Shane

There was an argument that if controversial and canceled YouTubers such as James Charles (who was faced with sexual harassment and child grooming allegations) and David Dobrik (was facing an allegation of encouraging sexual misconduct around him and racism) can return to YouTube, Shane should be allowed as well.

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