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Parks And Recreations Just Had A Crossover With The Good Place

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It was ages ago when we had Parks and Recreations on our TV screens quite frankly it feels like more than a century now. When the show was on air, Li’l Sebastian- Pawnee’s beloved celebrity miniature horse- gave us the saddest and gloomiest nightmare of our life when he passed away on the show. But now we we can seek solace, because as Li’l Sebastian is now up in a heavenly abode. Li’l horsey is now in The Good Place. But wait! The Good Place was the bad place right? Then why on Earth (or in heavens) is our beloved horse up in a chasm of of psychological torture?

Michael Schur Brings Us Our Favorite Crossover

Michael Schur, who created both of the shows, certainly knows how to connect the stories of his Masterpiece sitcoms. This Friday, The Good Place took to social media to post a picture, featuring Janet (D’Arcy Carden) posing alongside a mini horse. As you may have guessed, the horse carried striking resemblance to the Parks and Recreations mascot Li’l Sebastian. It was only after multiple captions and tags that the speculation gained momentum as a concrete fact. Parks and Reactions own social-media channels them subsequently reposted the snap with a separate caption. (“1 like = 1 candle in the wind.”)

Complimenting the candle emojis on the original picture, the message was quite clear. It is hard to disagree that this is indeed the most iconic crossover of the century.

For the good place resonance of Michael Schur’s earlier projects is not a new thing. Previously too, he connected Parks and Rec to the celestial comedy The Good Place. The show has featured repeatedly, Jean-Ralphio’s business empire turning up in ads in magazines. And we have all seen Swanson’s safes being used throughout the series.

Lil Sebastian Star In The Show

Do we get to officially see Lil Sebastian on the good place. The four-footed fellow from Parks and Recreations made a brief appearance on the show’s most recent episode. The show teased Li’l Sebastian’s appearance on the show as they made him pass from behind Eleanor and Chidi while they were arguing.

Will Brooklyn Nine-Nine Also Have A Crossover With The Good Place?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine recently saw a channel transfer from Fox to NBC. With a new haven available to explore, it is inevitable that Michael Schur would make his two wildly popular shows meet. Bringing in the late Li’l Sebastian from Parks and Recreations to The Good Place is highly indicative of the same. Brooklyn nine nine recently got its air date. It will premiere its 6th season on Thursday, January 10th. The Good Place will see a time shift in its last three episodes to accommodate for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It is not clear if The Good Place season 3 will move out after a crossover episode. But it is is highly likely that the makers will store this idea for upcoming seasons of their shows.

Or maybe, Bojack Horseman and Brooklyn Nine-Nine will have a crossover? We hope that these cross overs come sooner than later because the premiere date of season 6 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is too far away!

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