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Tana Mongeau talks about Nessa Barrett & Jaden Hossler, giving them advice

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It is no secret that Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett get hate for their relationship. However, Tana Mongeau is one of their supporters. Since they started dating, people have bashed them for going public too soon. At the same time, they are accused of cheating on their respective partners. Although they’re still together and happy, people do not stop posting negative comments on their social media. Therefore, Mongeau defending them on the Cancelled podcast comes as a surprise. According to her, Nessa is like her younger sister.

After they appeared in La Di Die, Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler confirmed their relationship

While Barrett had broken up with Josh Richards, Hossler was still on and off with Mads Lewis. However, their exes were equally shocked when they appeared in La Di Die together. Richards decided to deal with the matter privately. But Lewis made sure to make her feelings public. The interesting thing is that Richards and Hossler were best friends. When they decided to leave Sway House, they did it together. Therefore, Hossler and Ness Barrett making their relationship official felt like a betrayal. Instantly after, the couple started receiving immense hate and backlash. Recently, Hossler addressed the hate on social media but it did not change anything. However, they have a supporter in the form of Tana Mongeau. The YouTuber seems to be among the very few supporters the couple has.

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Recently, Tana Mongeau decided to talk about the TikToker couple on Cancelled podcast

In a recent episode of the Cancelled podcast, Tana Mongeau expressed her feelings towards Barrett and Hossler. During the episode, she defended the couple and admitted that they receive unnecessary hate. While talking about it, Tana Mongeau said:

“A lot of people have such controversial opinions about Nessa and Jaden but I think that people often forget the fact that they’re so young. I don’t know about y’all, but at their age I definitely did some sh*t like that.”

Furthermore, she revealed that it was some hidden information that made her sympathize with the couple. Tana Mongeau said:

“Doing what you love with someone that you love too is the absolute best feeling in the world, in my opinion. So I like 100% am so happy for that. Also, I mean maybe I’m too far for saying this, but I, from all parties, have heard a lot of off-camera tea that makes me resonate with why they did that, especially Nessa.”

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After her supportive stance went viral, Barrett texted Tana Mongeau to thank her

Few days after the podcast episode, Mongeau was out and about with friends. During the outing, a reporter talked to her about Nessa Barrett. According to Tana Mongeau, Barrett texted her and admitted that not a lot of people defend her. Furthermore, she said that Nessa is like her baby sister and Mongeau got her back. At the same time, she admitted that Barrett had come to her for advice. When she was asked about Mads Lewis, Tana Mongeau said that she is not choosing sides or in any team. She just wants the best for them all and wants people to stop scrutinizing them for their relationships.

A lot of times, Tana Mongeau is criticized for her opinions and views. Therefore, it comes as a pleasant surprise that she is there to show the younger people the right direction. Looks like it’s not all drama and controversy in the social media world.

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