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Tana Mongeau reveals an inappropriate text she sent to Pete Davidson

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As we all know that Tana Mongeau does not know what subtlety is. Therefore, it is very obvious that we can expect anything from her. It would not be wrong to say that she attracts controversy and trouble. In the latest episode of her podcast, Cancelled, Mongeau appeared with Brooke Schofield and Hunter Moreno. During the conversation, she expressed her obsessive love for Pete Davidson. At the same time, she revealed that she once sent an inappropriate text to him. However, there is a whole backstory to that text which might not even involve Mongeau directly.

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Although her podcast has become a hit on YouTube, Mongeau had to face a lot of backlash for TanaCon

Initially, she started posting YouTube videos where she shared personal incidents which Tana Mongeau called story-time videos. As she got popular, she started collaborating with other famous YouTubers like James Charles, Shane Dawson, and David Dobrik. At the same time, she explored the music world as well and released four singles. However, it was Tana Mongeau’s dating life that grabbed the attention of people. When she started dating Bella Thorne, Mongeau became a household name. After that, she announced her engagement with Jake Paul which is believed to be staged.

The biggest controversy of her life began when Tana Mongeau attempted to hold TanaCon. Due to extreme mismanagement, the event turned out to be a disaster. While the venue could only hold 5000 people, over 20,000 people showed up. At the same time, there was not enough food and water for people. Similarly, people compared it to the infamous Frye Festival. However, Tana Mongeau bounced back from that controversy.

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In the latest episode of Cancelled, Tana Mongeau revealed her inappropriate interaction with Pete Davidson

Tana Mongeau Reveals An Inappropriate Text She Sent To Pete Davidson

According to her, Pete Davidson is her biggest celebrity crush. At the same time, she revealed that she has an obsessive love for him. During the Cancelled podcast, she recorded the episode from Dallas. In the recent episode, Tana Mongeau, Hunter Moreno, and Brooke Schofield were in bed together while recording. When the conversation turned to Mongeau’s love life, she admitted that Davidson would be an ideal partner. Then Brooke shared the story of how Tana Mongeau sends him an inappropriate text. It all began when Brooke matched with him on a dating website. While Mongeau also tried her luck but he left her on seen.

In the past, Brooke had a brief interaction with Pete Davidson. Although she intended to meet him in person, nothing came of it. After few years, they matched on a dating site. However, Tana Mongeau decided that she would reply to him. In the text, she revealed to him that she is high on ‘shrooms’ and asked his advice as to what she should do. While it is unclear what his response was, Brooke thought it highly inappropriate, In her defense, Tana Mongeau said that he was very into mushrooms at that time.

It would be interesting to see what Pete Davidson has to say about his number 1 fan. At the same time, we hope Tana Mongeau gets to have her dream date with him.

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