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Jeffree Star’s Shocking Reason to Make OnlyF*ns Revealed on Harry Jowsey’s Tap In Podcast

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I want you guys to run to the closest washrooms because Harry Jowsey’s recent Tap In podcast is going to make you lose a lot of things. And your bladder might be one of them. We all know that Too Hot To Handle’s Harry Jowsey never fails to impress us with his hosting skills. And the way he makes his guests spill some crazy s*x stories is just speechless. I mean he really deserves an Oscar for this.

And I also don’t know how the Too Hot To Handle star got a hold of the famous beauty mogul Jeffree Star. As Jeffree mostly stays in Wyoming these days. But he visits L.A. every now and then to keep a check on his makeup company and clothing merchandise. Jeffree might be saying goodbye to his million dollars mansion, but he still has to make short trips to L.A. for work stuff. That’s how Harry might have gotten a hold of Jeffree and made him spill a lot of tea. So without any further delay, let’s get into the world of some crazy s*x and bl*wj-b stories.

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A little flashback on Jeffree’s love life

So we all know that things have been really tough for the beauty mogul from the ending of 2019 to the beginning of 2021. Things really went down the hill after Jeffree announced a breakup with his one and only long-term boyfriend Nathan Schwandt. After that, the beauty guru took a break from dating. As per Jeffree, he wanted to work more on his mental health and spend more time with his family, friends, and his fur babies.

But then Jeffree posted a video in which a mystery guy did his makeup on his channel. To be honest, all the Jeffree Star fans adored him. But the guy had to move to Miami. And that’s how things ended between him and Jeffree. The first boyfriend didn’t shock fans at all. But the 2nd one literally gave everyone a heart attack. Because the guy was not just a basketball player, but an actual player (as per Jeffree). He stole some really expensive things from Jeffree’s place. After which the beauty mogul took a long break from dating.

Jeffree was also caught in a horrific accident at the same time when he was being accused of se*ual assault by a number of people. His back got really messed up so he was on bed rest for a couple of weeks. After that, he started working on making new products and put his L.A mansion up for sale.

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Harry Jowsey asks Jeffree Star about his sudden move to Wyoming

Yes, guys!! This meetup really happened. Both Harry and Jeffree met during an airplane flight. And that’s the only possible way Harry could have gotten ahold of the beauty mogul and must have asked him to be the next guest on his show. And voila, today we are here to share some crazy stories from Harry Jowsey’s Tap In podcast with Jeffree Star. A lot of fans were thinking if Jeffree is going to sell his L.A mansion or not. Well, we have finally got an answer for you all from the beauty guru.

“I am currently selling my house. The house was so big and crazy. It’s lonely. So I was just ready to move out of it.”

And when Harry asked him why did he plan to move to Wyoming, Jeffree gives him a very satisfying answer.

“Mental peace!! So I am from here right, Huntington Beach., 30-40 miles down the road. I think I have been coming to L.A since I was 17. And I am 35 now and I’m burnt out. I think California has given me all I could take from it.”

Then Jeffree mentioned something which just made me and of course, a thousand other people lose their minds. Talking about people and his time in L.A, Jeffree said:

“I have milked it, s*ked it, trampled it, swallowed it(never spit). And I wanted to change. So I used to do music right, I used to be a singer before I quit. And started this crazy makeup brand. And I have traveled the world and I have traveled in every state and I love Wyoming.”

Harry, on the other hand, was a little shocked by Jeffree’s remarks. So he asked the beauty mogul if Wyoming is really worth it.

“It’s (Wyoming) so peaceful one day you gotta come, visit, and film because it’s so peaceful out there. We have only 560 people in the whole entire state. And I love it.”

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Jeffree Star talks about joining OnlyF*ns and teaching girls how to s*ck d*ck

Alright guys, and here comes the fun part later. When Harry says to Jeffree that you should start doing ASMR, the beauty guru gives a totally unexpected response.

“I love doing ASMR. I think my next phase is like, I have taught makeup for so long. Like I think I should do OnlyF*ns and teach girls how to s-ck d-ck. Because there is a lot of girls out there…Cuz every guy that I talk to say that b-tch ain’t s-cking right. So I gotta step in and say let’s go.”

Then Harry goes pink in the face and says how do you do it Jeffree? Like is there any secret? And Jeffree being Jeffree doesn’t share the secret.

“Let’s call OnlyF*ns , let’s sign the deal.”

Then Jeffree turns around and says do you guys have a model?

“I think so (of joining OnlyF*ns) because it’s time. I have taught you all to blend a f-cking smokey eye for ten years but you h*es ain’t s-cking right.”

Uhh, well!! We can’t wait to see Jeffree on the OF website. Let us know in the comments down below if you think he is as good in the banana monkey business as he claims.

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