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10 Secrets 'Birds of Prey' Director revealed in quarantine

10 Secrets ‘Birds of Prey’ Director revealed in quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic has everyone huddled up in their homes. Most of you have probably watched more episodes this month than the rest of the year. And that is why held a ‘Quarantine Watch Party’ for Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn). Birds of Prey was also released on Amazon Prime last week for $19.99. Director Cathy Yan, and stars Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Ella Jay Basco joined fans at the watch party. And they had a lot of secrets to reveal about the movie! And unsurprisingly: SPOILERS AHEAD!

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Harley Quinn’s haircut scene in Birds of Prey:

Cathy Yan talked about Harley Quinn’s iconic haircut scene:

That hair cutting scene was a SINGLE TAKE because we only had one wig and no time. Of course Margot Robbie KILLED it.

Black Mask’s tortures actual people?

DC is well known for making realistic scenes compared to its rivals at Marvel.

Yeah, that family actually hung upside down a lot. Every time we cut, a platform was immediately wheeled under them. We also used really good dummies in wides when we didn’t need them.

The iconic fanny pack:

Harley Quinn is actually just Margot Robbie in a quirky fashion style.

The sparkly fanny pack was an actual item sold at one of the stalls. I saw it and immediately knew it had to be in the movie. Margot walked on set and immediately snatched it without knowing it was already in the works.

Cassandra Cain’s cast:

Ella [Jay Basco] made her own cast for the movie because she is a multi-talented wonder.

Black Canary actually sings?

The canary can actually sing, you know, instead of blasting sound waves.

JURNEE SLAYED THAT SONG. SLAYED. I had the crazy idea that our Canary would sing a cover of Man’s World and Jurnee was my dream come true.

The Professional in Birds of Prey:

Shot of Harley and Cass walking away from the camera in the Hit Me With Your Best Shot montage…is an ode to the famous shot in The Professional, but in reverse.

Drugs and Harley go hand-in-hand:

Is any quantity of drugs surprising in a Harley Quinn movie?

Having to discuss the density of cocaine was not something I expected to do on this movie.

And who even notices these little details?

Fans have an eager eye for Easter Eggs, even during live streams.

Yes, that is Ewan’s face on his pajamas. I love Erin Benach, our costume designer, more than anything

Birds of Prey gear up:

Is it even a superhero movie if there is no continuous shot of the team gearing up?

We had to cut a huge hole in the floor to get that oner rotating out of Harley’s weapons chest. Gnarly but very satisfying when we got that right.

That one improv scene in every movie:

A lot of the taco scene is improv… I just wanted to create a casual, convivial vibe with all the ladies getting along. Love “you drink right kid” and “I don’t think so” and Huntress’s amazing awkwardness.

10 secrets Birds of Prey director Cathy revealed in quarantine