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10 Mindfuck Movies You Might Not Know About

10 Mindfuck Movies You Will Love!

Hollywood has long movies specifically put out there in order to fuck with our minds. Illuminati isn’t even to blame, they just like totally trolling with us. Here's a list of movies that really surpassed the limits for us!

Hollywood has long had a whole bunch of mindfuck movies that they specifically put out there to mess with our minds. Illuminati isn’t even to blame; they are like totally trolling us the seemingly ordinary names and stories and then adding plot twists so weird that even the joker would be like, “hold up there now, Satan.” Here’s a list of some mindfuck movies!

The Fountain

The Fountain
©Warner Bros.

Combine sci-fi, tragedy, Hugh Jackman’s versatile acting abilities, and romance, and you get the fountain. It’s about one character trying to desperately save his beloved wife from a vicious brain disease, while the beloved wife is pretty much chill with her mortality and likes to keep a journal about it. Suffice it to say; this move will make you feel many emotions. It’s an underrated classic movie.

The Thirteenth Floor

13th Floor
©Centropolis Entertainment

A computer scientist creates a simulation in the year 1937 (yes, he’s a goddamn genius) and ends up as a suspect in the murder of his mentor and colleague. The story is full of what-the-fuck moments and will keep you on the edge of your seat while the scientist figures out what went wrong.

Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob's Ladder
©TriStar Pictures

Well, if you imagined what a war veteran would go through if his kid died and his first wife left him, this is the mindfuck movie for you. It accurately portrays how minds slowly sink into complete and utter madness.

Primer (2004)


A bunch of engineers accidentally created a time machine and then didn’t know what the hell they should do about it. It gives you shocking twists and turns and will completely satisfy your inner nerd. It’s a must-see in mind-fuck movies for people who love tech.

Angel Heart

Angel Heart
©TriStar Pictures

This mindfuck movie starts like your everyday thriller about a guy hiring another guy to track down a completely different guy. But shit goes south when the guy they’re trying to find turns out to be dangerous and harder to find than Waldo.

The Game

The Game

Think of the dolphin game, but in the 90s and only really rich people can play it. But with any game played by rich people, it’s not so simple and gets daring fast. Watch the main character survive the game.

Enter the Void (2009)

Enter The Void

If you’re wondering how to take revenge after you die, this is a good movie to give you valuable tips. It’s also interesting to watch, as it’s an entirely new perspective on death and humanity.

Mulholland Drive (2001)

Mulholland Drive
©Universal Pictures

One girl is almost murdered and, fortunately, loses her old memories in the crash. She meets up with this new aspiring actress, and together, they try to figure out what the fuck is going on, and well, things get dark and complicated pretty fast.

The Eyes of My Mother (2016)

The Eyes of My Mother
©Magnolia Pictures

Two messed up people adopt a girl who also turns out to be very messed up. After their tragic death, she copes with her crippling loneliness in twisted ways that make you wish you could give her a number for your therapist. Overall, it’s a horror show but really nicely directed.

It’s Such a Beautiful Day (2013)

It's Such a Beautiful Day (2013)
©Bitter Films

A minimalistic animated mindfuck movie that manages to implore deep into the human psyche and cleverly shows it through a stick figure named Bill. Bill has mental problems and a nihilistic view of life, but many of us can find this Lil dude relatable.

These movies are definitely worth watching if you are looking for something interesting to watch this holiday season. Do you agree with our list, or would you like to add something more to it? Let us know in the comments below.