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10 Memes That Will Make Literature Majors Laugh

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These days, memes are an essential part of human existence, and can literally be made out of anything.  Looking at these literature memes will help you ignore the stress of the day, and gain a few laughs so go ahead!

1 Shakespeare

Source: Pinterest

Why do authors always do that?

2 May the odds be ever in your favor.

May the odds be ever in your favor.
Source: Pinterest

The Hunger Games can never disappoint.

3 Are you Sirius?

Are you Sirius?
Source: Pinterest

The Dark Lord in Harry Potter might need some cold water for that burn.

4 You too, Brutus?

You too, Brutus?

Brutus, more like brutal.

5 Romeo, oh Romeo!

Romeo, oh Romeo!
Source: Pinterest

He probably lost signal.

6 Marry me, Mr. Darcy!

Marry me, Mr. Darcy!
Source: Pinterest

Me talking to my crush.

7 Oliver with a Twist

Oliver with a Twist
Source: Pinterest

How can you not?

8 Secrets to Success

Secrets to Success
Source: Pinterest

How to get over a writer’s block: Go to a bar.

9 Is it lit?

Is it lit?
Source: Saying Images

So…who’s going to tell her?

10 Around the world in eighty days?

Around the world in eighty days?
Source: Pinterest

Who needs airplane tickets?

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